Cairo newspapers highlight President Sisi’s statements at the World Youth Forum

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نور السبكي13 يناير 2022آخر تحديث : منذ أسبوع واحد
Cairo newspapers highlight President Sisi’s statements at the World Youth Forum

Cairo- (AA):

Cairo newspapers issued this morning, Thursday, shed light on President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s statements during the third day of the World Youth Forum, where the president demanded to stop the conflicts in the afflicted countries for reconstruction, and saluted the Egyptian people for bearing the burdens of “economic reform”, as well as a number of related news. local matter.

On its front page, under the headline “Sisi in the “Development Experiences” and “Reconstruction” sessions at the World Youth Forum: We spent 6 trillion pounds to fight poverty… and I call for an end to conflicts in the afflicted countries for reconstruction, Al-Ahram newspaper reported that President Sisi stressed He stressed the need to fight poverty by working hard and mastery, and that a “pandemic” destroys the present and the future and kills hope, stressing that the state has spent more than 6 trillion pounds (more than 400 billion dollars) during the past seven years, to get out of the labyrinth of poverty.

Al-Ahram added that this came in President Sisi’s intervention, during a session entitled “Development Experiences in the Face of Poverty”, yesterday, as part of the activities of the third day of the World Youth Forum, in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Al-Ahram quoted Sisi as saying, “Since I assumed responsibility, my first goal has been to fight poverty by working hard and sincerely, and we will continue to work to achieve the goal. And that without “economic reform”, we would not have been able to confront “Corona”, pointing to the pumping of 100 billion pounds to confront the repercussions of the pandemic.

On the establishment of the BIM Foundation, which specializes in providing services to the homeless and the poor, the president explained that Egypt has about 350 thousand families, which means about one and a half million people who suffer difficult life conditions on the streets, stressing that efforts have combined between the state and the “Long Live Egypt” fund to create 300,000. Housing units.

He added that the state will continue until the construction of one million housing units, noting that this requires very large funds. He also referred, in this context, to the “Decent Life” initiative to improve the lives of millions of citizens and get out of the cycle of poverty.

The President saluted Egypt’s youth, because the “Decent Life” initiative and the “World Youth Forum” were the product of these young people’s ideas.. During his intervention in the “International Responsibility in Reconstructing Conflict Areas” session, the President stressed that change by force may lead to uncontrollable destruction. Pointing out that the Middle East region paid a heavy price for the interference of others in its affairs, noting that God protected Egypt from this fate.

The President stressed the importance of stopping the fighting in conflict areas to give an opportunity for reconstruction. The President made an appeal on behalf of the youth of the World Youth Forum to all conflict-stricken countries, leaders and officials to settle crises. With regard to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, he directed that the phases of reconstruction of the Strip promised by Egypt be completed as soon as possible.

Under the title “The President’s wife listens to youth success stories”, Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Mrs. Intisar El-Sisi, wife of the President of the Republic, witnessed yesterday an event titled “Inspire D” (Inspired People) at the World Youth Theatre, as part of the activities of the third day of the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh. During which I listened to a number of inspiring success stories of young models around the world in various fields.

The young Egyptian engineer, Mahmoud El-Komy, who has won international awards in the field of robot innovation, told his success story, noting that when he was at a time when there were no great technological possibilities, he had a friend who had a motor disability and was busy with how to help him and that his older brother worked in the field With his help, he invented the first robot to help people of determination, and his passion in this field continued until he entered the Faculty of Engineering, and the challenge at that time was to reconcile his studies in engineering with his passion in the robotics industry, and he was able to create an accurate digital control machine that works so far in the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

He explained that Corona was not just a pandemic, but rather a great danger that claimed the lives of loved ones and friends, so he thought of inventing the robot Kira, which he self-financed and sold his own car to complete his project, and there were those who frustrated him, but he was responding to them, citing what President Sisi said, “Everything that bothers you is anyone Work more.” And this is what he did, and after a video of him spread on social media about the robot Kira, the United Nations ranked his invention as one of the 50 best robots in the world, and one of the 100 most important innovations in the world.

Al-Ahram titled “Madbouly and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo discuss joint cooperation,” where the newspaper “Al-Ahram” reported that Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly met yesterday, Wednesday, with “Yves Baziba Masudi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” And her accompanying delegation, during her participation in the fourth session of the World Youth Forum.

The newspaper pointed out that Dr. Mostafa Madbouly praised the historical relations of cooperation between Egypt and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, expressing his aspiration to increase the volume of cooperation between the two countries in various fields. With the relevant ministers to study the proposed areas of cooperation.

For her part, Yves Baziba Masudi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, expressed her happiness to participate in the activities of the forum, noting that on the sidelines of the forum she held meetings with Egyptian officials to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of electricity and irrigation. It also held meetings with some Egyptian media, in which it invited Egyptian investors to visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo to explore promising investment opportunities in its country.

The Congolese official also reviewed a number of proposed files for cooperation, which included Egypt’s request for support to the Democratic Republic of the Congo during its upcoming hosting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention COP 27, to introduce its capabilities and promising investment opportunities to serve environmental issues.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, and the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Cairo.

Under the title “Egypt will remain a beacon that sends its light to the world’s youth,” Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, confirmed that the World Youth Forum has become a global event awaited by young people from different countries of the world, and is interested in and even sponsored by the political leadership, led by the President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and this is confirmed by the desire of thousands inside and outside Egypt to participate in it; This year, in its fourth edition, it was presented by young people from 196 countries from different continents, and this is evidence of the positive impact left by previous forums and on Egypt’s international image, which is increasing year after year in a clear direction from the leadership, government and people.

In her statements, Al-Kabbaj stressed the political leadership’s keenness to organize the fourth edition of the forum at this time, a clear message confirming its confidence and true belief in the youth of the world and Egypt and their pivotal role in participating in all fields so that the sustainable development goals are achieved, adding that Egypt affirms that listening to the views and ideas of young people has become a reality. And a reality we live in in all state projects and development programs during the last decade.

Al-Kabbaj said that Egypt’s youth represent nearly 25% of society, and they are the backbone of any nation and its first line of defense, and they are true partners in building its civilization, and we can only confirm their role in planning, in production processes and launching projects, in volunteering and serving the first groups. Sponsorship, participation in elections and integration into the political process in a democratic climate that respects all groups, and in development efforts in general alongside state institutions and civil society.

At the meeting of Arab Mining Ministers in Riyadh, Al-Ahram newspaper reported under the title “Al-Mulla: Egypt is implementing the first approved “gold refinery” in Marsa Alam that Engineer Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, announced that work is currently underway to implement the first approved gold refinery in Egypt in the region Marsa Alam in the Eastern Desert, in order to maximize the added value of gold resources, by maximizing the local content.

Al-Ahram indicated that this came during the speech delivered by Al-Mulla, before the eighth consultative meeting of the Arab Ministers of Mining and Mineral Resources in Riyadh, in the presence of Bandar Al-Khorayef, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates, and a group of Arab ministers.

El Molla stressed that Egypt is implementing an ambitious program to develop its mining industry, based on the (Egypt 2030) vision, which considers the optimal exploitation of natural resources one of its most important goals. He explained that the program developed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources succeeded in implementing comprehensive reforms to advance the Egyptian mining system After studying local and international challenges, as there are huge opportunities to take advantage of Egypt’s strategic location and rich geological nature.

In “Al-Akhbar” newspaper, under the headline “The World Bank raises its forecast for the growth of the Egyptian economy to 5.5%”, the newspaper stated that Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed the “Global Economic Prospects” report issued by the World Bank, which highlighted a number of positive indicators regarding The Egyptian economy.

The report indicated that the Egyptian economy grew at a faster rate than expected during the fiscal year 2020/2021, thanks to the strong consumption and the rise in remittances of Egyptians working abroad, as well as containing inflationary pressures, and then the World Bank raised its expectations for the growth of the Egyptian economy by (1%). ) to reach (5.5%) during the fiscal year 2021/2022; This is in light of the improvement in external demand from the main trading partners, in addition to the expansion of the information and communications technology and gas extraction sectors, and the improvement in the performance of the tourism sector.

The Prime Minister stressed the keenness to monitor economic indicators and expectations through the reports of international institutions, as it is a realistic mirror to assess the steps and policies taken, pointing out that the positive development reflected in international reports in the indicators of the Egyptian economy, enhances confidence in the path followed by the Egyptian state, and pushes it towards Continuing to strive to achieve greater results in a manner that will positively reflect on the economy and the future of citizens.

Under the title “Egypt is the first destination for Russian tourists during the New Year”, the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” reported that the Executive Director of the Federation of Tour Operators in Russia “Atur”, Maya Lomidze, revealed the countries that Russian citizens preferred to spend the New Year holidays, pointing out that Egypt She took first place.

“Initial statistics showed that during the ten-day New Year’s holiday, about 550,000 tourists traveled, of whom about 300,000 traveled to places in Russia, and about 250,000 tourists to foreign countries,” Lomidze said in statements to the Russian “Sputnik” agency.

She pointed out that Egypt ranked first in foreign sales, as the Red Sea resorts accounted for up to 50% of all New Year’s holiday trips sold abroad, with about 125,000 Russians.

Turkey ranked second with 16% of total sales, followed by the UAE and the Dominican Republic in third place with less than 12%. The fourth place was taken by Cuba, and in fifth place – the Maldives.

Under the title “The Minister of Transport witnesses the start of work on the Deshna axis”, the newspaper “Al-Gomhouria” reported that the Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir, followed the route of the second line of the October-Luxor-Aswan high-speed electric train, which is 925 km long, from Luxor to Deshna.

The Republic added that the minister inspected the crossing point of the track above the Nile River next to the Qena Abu Tartour railway line, the site of the massive Umrah workshop and the interchange station of the second lines, October 6 (Aswan) and the third, Safaga / Hurghada / Qena / Luxor) in Qena Governorate.

The Minister also witnessed the inauguration and start of work on the Deshna axis on the Nile River as one of the arteries of the new development in Upper Egypt, where work is currently underway in 9 axes in Upper Egypt, namely Al-Fashn / Abu Tij / Daraw / alternative to the Aswan reservoir / north of Luxor / Manfalut / Dashna / Dar es Salaam out of the total 17 axes for Upper Egypt, 8 axes were opened, 5 of them axes during December 2021.

Under the title “Libyan delegation briefed on the Egyptian experience in the administrative capital”, the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm” reported that a high-ranking Libyan delegation in the new administrative capital, to review the modern Egyptian urban experience and discuss ways of cooperation.

The Libyan delegation inspected the projects being implemented in the city, starting with the iconic tower and the central gardens project, and listened to an explanation of the city’s landmarks from the top of the tower, which all the capital’s sites are viewed from above, as they ascended to the fifty-second floor, and the delegation members completed their inspection tour of the city’s most important landmarks Which included the government district, the mosque of Egypt, the cabinet building, the parliament building, and then the third residential district.

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