President Sisi: We are ready to transfer our experience to the African brothers

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نور السبكي13 يناير 2022آخر تحديث : منذ 5 أيام
President Sisi: We are ready to transfer our experience to the African brothers

Cairo- (AA):

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi affirmed Egypt’s readiness to transfer its experiences to Africans, improve their conditions, help them and encourage others to support them, considering that this is a duty and a commitment and a human right for them.

In response to a question by the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt, during his meeting with development partners on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh, President El-Sisi said: “We in Egypt are interested in three sectors, and we will give them impetus during the next stage, technology-intensive industries, agriculture, and communications and information technology.” We are making every effort to achieve greater progress in these sectors during the current stage.

President Sisi added: “We worked intensively and deeply for the opportunities of the industry that can move in, and today I will not talk about export opportunities, but at least reduce the import bill by producing requirements that are imported from abroad, and this was done, and we encourage the private sector to work in order to produce these requirements.” estimated at $30 billion.

And the president added, “If we succeed in this within the next two or three years, we will at least reduce the import bill by 30 billion dollars, and this is an opportunity for employment in Egypt. It will provide an impetus to the industry in general, knowing that in Egypt we have a large population and the size of the youth is huge, and we have implemented Great software to run.

President El-Sisi continued: “Our interest in the issue of communications and this technology started nearly three years ago, and that was supportive and supportive for us during the Corona virus pandemic. And we’re still working.”

President Sisi added: We have achieved an infrastructure within universities and schools, which helped us to do distance education, and when we talk about a country that has nearly 25 million students and provide them with educational opportunities, this is an achievement and we are still going for more than that.

Regarding agriculture, President El-Sisi directed his speech to the United Nations coordinator who raised the question, saying, “In two years at most, you will find that we have introduced 3 million feddans into agriculture in Egypt and we are working on that.” “.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi talked about the project to cleanse the lakes and the high cost of this project to remove negative infringements, noting that the achievements and results that have been achieved are not only environmental but also economic, and any project that will be implemented has no effect in one direction only in all directions.

President Sisi talked about the infrastructure in Africa, saying that if there is electricity, people will not burn trees and forests will not be removed. And there will be an improvement in the climate, and this is what I have spoken since 2015 until now with all European officials when talking about Africa, whether in official conferences related to Africa or in addressing issues specific to the continent.

He continued, “I speak to you as institutions and agencies concerned and their work is to improve the lives of human beings. Africa deserves this support from us… and you are watching the existing conflicts. If the situation continues as it is, conflicts will increase and terrorism will increase, and if it increases, it will affect all of us.”

The president added, “We have to enter, move, and implement programs, and I tell you, come, do projects on the entire continent, with European and international companies on the African continent. There are very many needs that we need to work on, and funding is provided for them, and there is a commitment from countries to them. We in Egypt are ready not to Not only to participate, but to support and assist.

Regarding the provision of vaccines for the “Corona” virus, President Sisi said, “We in Egypt have the manufacturing infrastructure to manufacture vaccines, if the countries that succeeded in producing these vaccines gave us the opportunity to manufacture and supply to Africa .. We are working on the production of two vaccines currently, as there is a private sector company It is working to produce vaccines in Egypt without the capabilities of the state.”

In response to a question about the climate, President El-Sisi said: I spoke that humans are the only creatures capable of bringing about reform after destruction, and he has the ability, and God created him like that. Small, we are heading for reform and recorded this talk.”

President Sisi said: “I do not say this on the basis that we will organize the climate conference, but of course the person, when he sees the danger moving, who brought all humanity together on measures that were extremely cruel in the whole world? Almost the world implemented them out of a sense of responsibility and danger, and I imagine that the issue of climate Taking momentum during the past 5 years, it stopped a little during the period of the exit of a large country from it, but I imagine that the momentum that was achieved by returning in Glasgow, even if all the things we hope for have not been achieved, but what I am sure of is that we will achieve this in Sharm El Sheikh at the end of the year and I am sure The world will do what it takes to improve the climate.”

President Sisi continued, “I spoke of two important examples, namely that the private sector in the world is able to anticipate and invest in opportunity.” And the development that is taking place and I talked about one sector, which is the automobile sector, and its contribution to harming the climate is huge. We are talking about cars that move millions over 24 hours. I am very optimistic not only about the work of the conference and its success, but I am optimistic that people will move positively and solve the issue and we will see that.”

In response to a question: Are we in Egypt ready to be an energy center in our region? President Sisi said: We are working on that and we started four years ago. I say to friends in Europe: “I am talking about an electrical connection between us, Greece and Cyprus, whether it is gas through that Egypt will be a center for transporting gas to Europe, and we are moving in this framework and we have the necessary infrastructure for that. Through the Eastern Mediterranean Forum, we were able to set up an important committee in this matter.. With regard to renewable energy, not only in Benban in Aswan, but in Egypt we live on less than Approximately 10 percent of its land area, because the rest of the land is desert, and this gives us an opportunity to produce renewable energy, whether it is solar energy, wind energy, or hydrogen energy projects.

President Sisi added that the stability that Egypt is witnessing is able to achieve this, because when we talk about the energy of countries on which very large economies will be based, and they say that it will take part of the energy of a country like Egypt, this country must be stable and able to meet this matter over the months and years, and we have achieved that During the last period.

President Sisi said: “When we faced the energy problem in 2014, the people hoped was that we would only seek to produce electric energy in order to achieve, save or fill our deficit, and we did not work on that only, we are talking about three elements in the field of energy so that Egypt becomes a country pivotal in this field, not only with Europe, but with all of its neighbors Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, with Israel .. We are able to become a developed country with an energy infrastructure, and we have abundant energy .. “

He added: We are talking about advanced transmission and distribution networks and advanced control stations in this energy.. My conversation with the government during the past four years was that the energy structure in Egypt must be no less than any advanced country in this field because we see the whole world heading for global interconnection between Continents in the field of energy .. The issue requires time, effort, investments and projects that prove that Egypt is ready, and within three years we will have a network structure that controls energy production through which we can say that we are ready to cooperate with all neighbors in an advanced manner, not a modest capacity and a capacity that needs development .. And we are working We are now on development and we have the will to do so. The issue is not only related to our readiness, but others must feel that Egypt represents an opportunity for them in this energy, whose cost is lower and its environmental impact is better.

In response to a question about empowering women, President El-Sisi said, “The women in Egypt know very well that I am very biased towards them… and the men in the government are very angry, and what is that?… Out of respect and appreciation for the capabilities of women here in Egypt, and this is not a slogan because we are talking about Practices that we implement, just as we talk about non-discrimination.. Is non-discrimination just a slogan that is launched? No, it is a slogan that we practice. half”.

He added: “We have special programs to support the breadwinner and women in the countryside, because we realize that they are strength.. By the way, women had a very big role, and I am recording it with you in two stages. The first is the stage of transformation, which confronted and feared for the Egyptian identity. We can allow the Egyptian identity to be lost under any slogan, and this is the first point.”

He continued: The second point is that economic reform was not easy, and the experience that Egypt has undergone over the past 50 years has made political leaders anticipate any real economic reform that affects subsidies and many other things as a result of the expected reactions. In November 2016, I directed my speech to her, “Help me do economic reform in Egypt for the future of Egypt and our children… and you see the reaction and what we are in now. These are the Egyptians as a whole and the Egyptian woman in particular.”

In response to a question about the auto sector and the work of the private sector, President Sisi said that his conversation with the government during the past three years, that we need the private sector to work with us because its management, capabilities and chances of success are more than anything else, and these are not slogans.

President Sisi added, “Egypt has 100 million, and the percentage of young people in it is close to 60 percent, and we want them to have job opportunities. That’s why we say that any private sector company wants to do a project. We support it and are ready to contribute with it as a matter of encouragement and not anything else.”

He continued, “The projects that are being undertaken such as “a decent life” are not only housing construction, but an integrated project in all areas of infrastructure, including transportation and communications, and I want to assure that the country needs every sincere and honorable hand that is ready to give because the challenges are very many and I am with you.” .

In response to a question about combating corruption, directing his speech to international development partners, President El-Sisi said that the Egyptian state’s approach is that we do not allow or accept corruption, and this is non-political talk. He sabotages and destroys the country, and this is the direction of the state.. We fight corruption and only give the honorable and loyal people the opportunity to work for this”

In response to a question about illegal immigration, President El-Sisi said that there are 6 million non-Egyptians in Egypt.. It did not happen that we allowed millions to cross Egypt and exit across the Mediterranean or exported instability to Europe, but rather kept them here living with us because this is a moral and human path on the Safe land, and of course they are not in camps, whoever wants to watch them go down the streets of Egypt to see them open shops like any Egyptian.

Regarding addiction treatment centers, President Sisi said that addiction is a scourge that all countries suffer from and is capable of destroying their future if they do not treat it decisively, and this is an effort in which we move as a society and a state.

In response to a question about orphan care homes, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that strict and very good standards have been set for the establishment of care homes, and when we compared a social environment with a care home, regardless of its quality, we saw that care within a family and sponsoring an orphan or orphan gives a much more positive atmosphere than what is provided in nursing homes.

On the upcoming climate conference that Egypt will host, President Sisi said, “We have been preparing for the conference in earnest since we were in Glasgow, and we are moving as institutions and as a country with the meaning of this word. When the conference is held, we will have prepared and done everything that can be done for its success,” stressing that young people will be Within the framework of the work of the Climate Conference and one of the components of its success, their voice will be heard.

In response to a question about joint industries with Egypt, President El-Sisi affirmed that a great effort has been made in this regard and that he met officials of major companies on all his foreign visits, saying, “We are ready to provide the necessary facilities in Egypt, and we have the economic zone of the Suez Canal, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of ​​about 60 million square meters, and there is also in the Sokhna area with an area of ​​about 250 million square metres. We are ready with special legislations for the economic zone to attract companies to work in Egypt. The state is ready to enter into a partnership with the private sector in the proportions you desire.”

President El-Sisi said: “The large industrial companies have their various policies and studies, according to which they determine the map of their presence in the world. In a nutshell, we do not want anyone to come with us and take something against his will. In Egypt and all the support for it.. and I think that among the effects of Covid 19, the map of companies’ presence in the world may change somewhat as a result of the reality that formed as a result of the pandemic in Europe and other countries, and I imagine that this will give us an opportunity that can be exploited.. and we We are fully prepared to meet all the obligations that these companies desire to work in Egypt and the existing legislative environment achieves this for them.

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